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“Qorbis minimizes any points of friction - changeovers are streamlined and disbursement happens without delay.”

Tom Witton, Head of Sales and Co-Founder of Qorbis.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, 06/26/24 – Qorbis, an industry leader in financial technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its spend management platform designed specifically to overcome the financial challenges faced by the yacht charter industry. 

The Qorbis platform delivers unparalleled time and cost savings through high levels of spend control, the rapid movement of funds and competitive foreign exchange (FX) rates, all while offering the unique ability to brand Visa debit cards with a business's own branding.

Developed in consultation with industry specialists, the Qorbis platform allows each charter’s finances to be siloed, with the ability to instantly transfer funds and reconcile expenses against APAs with unlimited sub-accounts and bespoke reporting.

“The yachting industry, known for its luxurious experiences and elite clientele, demands precision and efficiency in financial management,” says Tom Witton, Head of Sales and Co-Founder of Qorbis. “Qorbis minimizes any points of friction - changeovers are streamlined and disbursement happens without delay.”

Qorbis gives charter management complete real-time visibility and control over operational bank accounts and unlimited segregated sub-accounts and Visa debit cards via the platform's dashboard. Each yacht under management is allocated a dedicated bank account, with three APA cards per vessel. 

Card spend limits and categories can be set and adjusted instantly, with real-time visibility of transactions and funds instantly sent and recalled between accounts. Integration with popular accounting software via APIs facilitates direct reporting and the creation of bespoke end-of-charter statements. 

“The Qorbis solution delivers efficient purchasing, minimized expense fraud, and seamless reporting at a more cost-effective price-point than competitor offerings,” adds Tom. “We know how important it is that changeover days and crew rotations run smoothly, which is why we’ve designed our platform with this in mind.”

Cards and the platform's dashboard can also be branded entirely as the business's own, boosting brand visibility and engagement and delivering actionable spend data. 

"Our goal is to empower yacht charter businesses with the tools they need to control costs, save time, and enhance their brand image,” says Stephen Williams, CEO, Qorbis. “The Qorbis  platform is designed to meet the unique financial challenges of the industry, providing a comprehensive solution that drives efficiency and profitability."

Key Features and Benefits include:

With Qorbis's spend management platform, yacht charter companies can now navigate the complexities of financial management with ease, while making time and cost savings.


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This partnership addresses some of the biggest challenges in touring, putting artists in control of spending, payments and T&E and saving them time and money.

"Qorbis understands the unique needs of the music industry. Its technology empowers artists and their crews, allowing them to easily manage spending on the road, and to save money on T&E.”

Andy Vargas

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 -- Qorbis, a leader in innovative fintech solutions, is excited to announce a deal to provide banking, lifestyle, and spend management solutions to Andy Vargas, lead singer of Santana, his company Vargas Entertainment Inc, and Malaspalabras Records (MPR), a company founded by Vargas and acclaimed comedian George Lopez. The deal will see Andy and his MRP artists using the Qorbis platform for their spending, foreign exchange, and touring expenses, overcoming some of the biggest challenges facing the music touring industry.

Managing budgets and crew expenses on the road at any hour of the day or night, the tedious process of spend management, and limited visibility of spending versus budgets – life on the road can be tough. Qorbis solutions are designed to remove these pain-points, so that artists can focus on what really matters – the music and the tour.

Andy and MRP have a long-standing reputation for protecting and elevating artists and Qorbis is proud to deliver solutions that support this.
Andy Vargas, musician, and CEO says: “Qorbis understands the unique needs of the music industry. Its technology empowers artists and their crews, allowing them to easily manage spending on the road, and to save money on T&E, whether that's hotels, car hire, or even an after-party bill."

Qorbis solutions are designed to streamline the business of touring, with seamless digital banking, 24/7 real-time visibility and control, smart money management tools, and exclusive benefits with preferred rates on travel, hotels, and more via the QStyle lifestyle concierge. International mobility is managed simply and cost-effectively, with segregated, multi-currency accounts and a foreign exchange rate set at 0.5% on all transactions.

Tom Witton Head of Sales of Qorbis says: “We’re excited to be supporting musicians of Andy’s caliber as well as all the hugely talented MPR artists. Qorbis cards, money management tools, and the QStyle lifestyle concierge are the ultimate combination of support that Andy and the music industry need to facilitate their busy schedule of recording and touring both domestically and internationally."

The Qorbis all-in-one corporate card, payment, and spend management platform features real-time visibility plus advanced reporting, accounting, T&E, and business services integrations. Delivering significant savings in time and money, the platform is designed to scale as an artist grows, with brand enhancement opportunities also available via Qorbis’s embedded finance solutions.

Adds Andy: “The Qorbis platform has the potential to revolutionize music touring and payments to artists. Giving artists and their crews unprecedented efficiency and control over their finances and giving them access to rates that will keep touring costs down giving new artists a chance to succeed.”

Qorbis helps businesses across the US take control of spending and provides discounted benefits via our embedded products. Qorbis’s platform is user-friendly, secure, and scalable and embeds customized financial and concierge solutions into a business's own product and services, creating new revenue streams, and enhancing its brand, to help save time and money. Through partnerships with best-in-class providers of banking and technology, our model allows any size business to offer a range of branded and licensed services to their customers, including corporate cards, accounts, P2P payments, and QStyle, a global travel and lifestyle concierge. Qorbis is a financial technology company with banking services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The Qorbis Visa® Debit Cards are issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. www.qorbis.com

Acclaimed comedian George Lopez and the lead singer of Santana, Andy Vargas, have been at the forefront of new ideas surrounding artists' rights, promotion, and brand development. When Lopez sought Vargas’ assistance in managing the music arm of his brand, they knew it was time to introduce an entirely new label concept. In collaboration with distribution powerhouse Steve Stoute’s United Masters and A&R lead Cesar Sanchez, they've launched Malaspalabras Records (MPR), which is now entering its "release phase". MPR defines artists' brands and their attitudes, thereby strengthening their vision and empowering them to unleash the spirit of music.

Through MPR, artists have collaborated with industry experts to develop and execute the business aspects of their careers while maintaining ownership of their masters. The label boasts successful releases from a roster of talented artists, including Chris Perez, Alexis Grullon of MDO, Andy Vargas of Santana, Krystal Ortega, Heber, and Baby Lorez, positioning MPR as a vanguard in the music industry.

The support of MPR enables artists to focus on their art while simultaneously enhancing their branding, PR, and digital marketing efforts. Advancing their innovative edge, MPR is excited to welcome Phillip Coleman, known artistically as Godcloud, as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for their Web3 division. Coleman, a pioneering Web3 artist and musician, brings a wealth of expertise that is set to propel MPR into the future by harnessing blockchain technology and NFTs to revolutionize the way artists interact with the digital realm.

Strengthening their marketing and creative management, MPR is thrilled to introduce Adrian Cisneros and Chris Morris to the family. Cisneros's fresh marketing strategies and Morris's keen A&R insights are anticipated to provide unparalleled support for our artists, boosting their promotional and creative opportunities to new heights.

Stay tuned and follow us for our latest drops on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok at @malaspalabrasrecords.


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