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Championing a better way of doing finance

We believe that any type of business should be able to embed payments and banking into their own systems and products.

Qorbis was founded by a group of financial entrepreneurs to make payments faster, safer, more reliable, and accessible to all – for today and in the future.

Our mission is to help any business access innovative corporate banking products, supported by the highest levels of customer support.

Why partner with us?

Qorbis was founded by a team of finance and tech experts to help businesses take advantage of the benefits of digital corporate banking. Our aim is to develop partnerships with best-in-class providers so that businesses can seamlessly access innovative products, saving them time and money.

  • 1
    Fast to market
    Our platform is ready to be customized to your requirements in weeks to provide a solution that scales as your business grows.
  • 2
    Compliant and regulated
    Our solutions meet all relevant regulatory and compliance standards and are future-proofed to protect you from changes to payment regulation and infrastructure.
  • 3
    We offer a transparent, simple, and consistent pricing structure with flexible contracts. Membership costs are designed to be quickly recouped through QStyle savings.
  • 4
    Simple and secure
    Easy corporate bank account sign-up plus leading security controls.

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