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Digital Banking

Qorbis transforms your business. Our scalable solutions mean that whether you want full-service bank accounts or simply embed payment into your product, we can help you deliver more with greater efficiency.

Onboarding is automated and seamless. Bank accounts are rapidly configured to your corporate requirements with ease.


Accounts are protected by the US FDIC (See below for the disclaimer in full). We are powered by world-class solutions and are compliant will all regulatory, AML/TM, and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 2


Our flexibility sets us apart. The Qorbis model suits businesses of all sizes – as you grow our solutions scale with you.

Banking to suit your needs

  • Segregated and multi-currency accounts
  • Risk assessment and management tools
  • Physical and virtual and credit cards (coming soon)
  • Insightful customer data
  • Tailored account and card payment controls
  • Smart money management tools
  • Rapid payment settlement
  • Seamless and automated onboarding
  • Domestic and international wires (see Ts&Tcs for details)
  • Access to in-demand payment schemes
  • Full-service mobile app
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
Banking on-the-go

Transfer funds rapidly as well as complete a range of seamless banking services anytime, anywhere

Supporting all daily banking needs

Go digital with the full scope of banking services, from payment cards and wires, to Direct Debits and standing orders

Issue virtual and physical cards in record time

Issue and process physical, virtual and credit cards with our single integration.
V2 Business Debit

Physical cards

Offer physical cards with the latest security features. Set limits for each card, in a number of currencies.

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Virtual cards

Use virtual debit cards to take full control of spending across the business.

Credit card image

Credit cards

Fast approval and big rewards - coming soon.

 Money management under your control

Manage your expenses with ease and control spending and usage on your company business cards. Get financial clarity with fast notifications, business-critical reporting and much more.


With income and spending automatically tagged, see how and where corporate users are spending.

Sync with software

Link your account to Quickbooks, Sage, Xero and more.

Manage expenses

Upload receipts, match them to transactions and store them digitally.

Easy invoicing

Send, pay and track invoices in the app.

This service is delivered outside of the partnership with Evolve Bank & Trust.

Fast, flexible and scalable payments

Our modular platform grows as you do
Fast to market.

Designed to handle the volume of anything from a start-up to an enterprise.


Inbuilt flexibility means it can scale with your business as well as deliver new functionalities and facilitate integration with third parties.

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Digital onboarding and complete compliance

Automated and seamless onboarding. Accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250K through our partner bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

Quick. Launch your business account - fast
Digital. No appointments, no phone calls, no paperwork.
Compliant. We manage compliance - including AML and KYC - so you don’t need to.

Evolve Bank and Trust is a member of the FDIC. (See below for the disclaimer in full 2 )

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